SibLab Model Comparison and Radiative Transfer Course

Between 29th and 31st of October the Sib-Lab Workshop "Model Comparison and Radiative Transfer Course" took place at the Institute of Space Science, Free University of Berlin, Germany.

In the workshop 23 persons from the Russian Federation (Siberian Federal University, Krasnoyarsk and Sukachev Institute of Forest, Krasnoyarsk) and from Germany (Friedrich Schiller University Jena, Max Planck Institute for Biogeochemistry Jena and Free University Berlin) participated. During the two-day's workshop 11 lectures were presented. The presentation demonstrated R&D activities from each Sib-Lab Partner institutions. Furthermore the state of the Sib-Lab project and further activities between Russian and German Project-Partners were discussed.

In addition on October 31st an excursion to German Aerospace Center, IGB (Innovations- und Gruendungszentrum) and "Astro- und Feinwerktechnik" took place.

The networking of SibLab is still in progress. New participants are welcome, the profile is attached.

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SibLab's project research workshop

August 27, 2012

On August 22nd, a Workshop "Environment and Global Climate Change" within the joint German-Russian Project "Central Siberian Laboratory on Global Climate Change - Sib-Lab" was held at the Center for Grant-Oriented Activity, Siberian Federal University (SibFU).

The Workshop participation was represented by 46 researchers and PhD students from the Russian Federation (SB-RAS institutions and universities), SibLab project partners from Jena and Berlin, Germany and by exchange students from France as starting researchers.

Fifteen presentations contributed to the Workshop, which highlighted some R&D activity in the areas of environment and climate change in Siberia and Europe. The Workshop was launched by Dr. Sergey V. Verkhovets, the SibLab project Principal Investigator from the RF side and the Vice Rector for Research and International Affairs of SibFU and Alexey A. Romanov, the project Manager from SibFU. The Workshop presentations are available in the attachment.

The networking of SibLab is still in progress. New participants are welcome, the profile is attached.


Natalia Edwards, CGA Head,

82a Svobodny, office 224-1

tel.: +7 (391) 206-26-93, e-mail:

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Recent Activities

May 21, 2012

On August 2011 the Kick-Off Meeting in Krasnoyarsk took place. With the Kick-Off Meeting the Sib-Lab-Project officially has started.

During 2011 two Russian scientists visited Germany. In September 2011 Maxim Chernetskiy (from the Institute for Biophysics, Russian Academy of Science) participated in the GIONET PhD Summer School in Jena.

In December 2011 Aleksey Romanov visited Jena to prepare the Summer Field Trip, which will take place in Krasnoyarskiy Kray on August 2012. Furthermore Aleksey has supported permafrost relevant project at the Department of Earth Observation, University of Jena and carried out some activities in the "Siberian Inventory Instructions" - Project by Prof. Schulze at the Max-Planck-Institute, Jena.